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“A large percentage” of Louisiana’s rising instances, says the governor, is coming from those between the ages of 18 and 25, a gaggle that’s also amongst the least vaccinated. It’s a similar story throughout the nation as more than 260,000 circumstances this 12 months have been linked to U.S. college and college students, as nicely as seven hundred,000-plus instances over the course of the year-long-plus pandemic.

In our sample, which is skewed towards the retail sector, we found that 43{384657de762d2b88b1408f154c6be17e68def4f427972d0f01685bb85b78a590} of businesses have been briefly closed and that employment had fallen by 40{384657de762d2b88b1408f154c6be17e68def4f427972d0f01685bb85b78a590}. This represents a shock to America’s small companies that has little parallel since the Great Depression of the Nineteen Thirties.

Oil Drops For Third Day As China Battles To Quash Delta Outbreak

This figure plots the share of companies in each employment class for the 2017 Census of US Businesses and the survey respondents. The sample size for the survey is 4,873 responses, omitting 959 responses with missing employment information. The Alignable community permits users to share buyer leads, which could potentially skew our sample toward retail and service companies that work together directly with consumers. Since retail companies are significantly susceptible to COVID-19 disruptions, our sample …

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